Participating in Shizudai-sai in Hamamatsu (Shizuoka Univ. Hamamatsu Campus University Festival)

*We provide general information in English for foreign students. However, English articles are tentative translation. For complete version, please read articles in Japanese.


Thank you for your interest in participating on Shizudai-sai in Hamamatsu (Shizuoka University Hamamatsu Campus University Festival). General and necessary information about participation is introduced in this page.

Who can participate?

Any student who is enrolled in Hamamatsu Campus (ex. Officially/Non-officially approved circle, laboratory, group of friends, individuals) can join. 

Participants in the Flea Market section is permitted except for Shizuoka University students.
(Participation who are not Shizuoka University students is not permitted except for the Flea Market section, but in special cases participation may be permitted. Please contact us if you wish to join in the other sections.)

How can I make an application?

For Campus students

First of all, please attend the “Pre-participation Guidance” which will be held in July. You don’t have to make the final decision to join Shizudai-sai at this time, so feel free to attend the guidance. Please check the schedules from here .

At the guidance, we will explain about the application and what you can do in Shizudai-sai in Hamamatsu.

After applying, please submit the written oath and deposit at the “No,1 Representative Meeting”, otherwise your application will not be completed. The Representative Meeting will be held several times and it is required to attend all of the meeting.

For Non-campus participants

Please contact us directly. We will provide with detailed information later.

What sections can I participate?

There are 6 sections you can join in Shizudai-sai in Hamamatsu. Please check which section you want to participate.

"Main Stage" Events Section

In this section, you will be able to hold a performance at a large outdoor stage. (May be canceled due to bad weather.)

Ex. Instrumental music, Martial arts, Comedy, Dance and Singing performances, Debate

"Live Stage" Events Section

At this section, you can hold a band performance at the indoor stage located in the gym.

Ex. Band performances

Street Performances Section

In this section, you can hold a performance at an outdoor space in the campus area. (May be canceled due to bad weather.)

Ex. Street performance, small scale instrumental music, radio booth and dance performances

Flea Market Section

As a part of regional cultural exchange, we only accept applications from non-campus students/groups. Please contact us from the address below for detailed information.

※The Flea Market section will not be accepting on-campus participants this year.
Please contact us at the address below if you are on-campus and would like to set up a flea market stall.

Ex. Selling handcraft, antique stuffs and works

Stalls Section

In this section, you can open stalls at a designated outdoor area located inside the campus.

Ex. Organizing experienceable games, selling foods or drinks

Indoor Events Section

In this section, you can display or organize interactive activities at designated classrooms.

Ex. Theme display, Demo, Displaying or distributing works, Presenting a play

In the end

Every year, participants plays a huge role in contributing for Shizudai-sai in Hamamatsu. We, the committee members, will provide our utmost support for every participant. If you are interested in participating for Shizudai-sai in Hamamatsu, please attend the Pre-participation Guidance first. Additionally, please contact us if you are an non-campus student/group.

We are looking forward for your participation in Shizudai-sai in Hamamatsu.


Charge Participation Affairs Department
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TEL 053-474-5827