Pre-Participation Guidance

*We provide general information in English for foreign students. However, English articles are tentative translation. For complete version, please read articles in Japanese.

About Pre-participation Guidance

At Pre-participation Guidance, we will introduce the outline of each section and how to participate. It will be held for Hamamatsu Campus Students who want to join the Shizudai-sai in Hamamatsu (Hamamatsu Campus University Festival). If you wish to join the Shizudai-sai in Hamamatsu, please attend this guidance.

The Pre-participation Guidance will be held for all section in one guidance. Please see this page for information about the each section and what you can do in Shizudai-sai in Hamamatsu.

Schedule of Pre-participation Guidance

All Section 

Date: July 1st (Wed.) , Time: 18:00~ , Room: Undicided
All Section Date: July 2nd (Thu.) , Time: 13:00~ , Room: Undicided
All Section Date: July 3rd (Fri.) , Time: 18:00~ , Room: Undicided
All Section Date: July 6th (Mon.) , Time: 18:00~ , Room: Undicided

*Eng. Bldg. = Faculty of Engineering Building

*Each guidance are same content. Only you need to attend one guidance meeting.

*The venue will be announced on twitter and signboards in campus.


Charge Participation Affairs Department

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